MyMAgicDress philosophy is all about the women’s beauty and the way how she lives and feels her femininity through the clothes. Two main Points are in the center of MyMagicDress:

  • AR Resorts exclusive dresses as the one of the main piece in the wardrobe
  • Accessory: jewelery and bags to sublimate woman’s personality

The concept of MyMagicDress is to present the universe of Anastasia Ramlall trought the worlwide. Anastasia’s talent coming from exotic island and her exceptional skills were united to make every woman feel beautifull, doesn’t matter where is she coming from and how old is she. The ode "sung" to femininity by designer Anastasia Ramlall in her beautiful dresses is the leitmotiv of all “capsule collections” signed AR Resorts.

Wearing in her heart this unique blend between Mauritius, India and Russia, Anastasia Ramlall imagined exquisite universe and reflected it in feminine clothes. The brand is fixing an intelligent, fresh and modern lady, with bright personality and tender femininity at the same time.

Limited series of chic and casual dresses made from natural fabrics, as well as a personalized approach seduce demanding customers by multiplying many faithful of this brand.

« Make me a model? Why not? »

Become a model for a day! You may have twenty, thirty or fifty years ... whatever! All MyMagicDress Models are not professional but they easily adopted AR Resorts style by lending their images.

MyMagicDress believes that the time of standards is over. Do not waste time, do not obey to the fashion’s diktats, let’s express our personalities thanks to AR Resorts Creations.