VDG Créations


Créatrice de bijoux

Véronique De GuaRdia

" Sincerity is the pearl that forms in the middle of the shell. " Sufi proverb

The love story between a woman and a jewel goes far back . The currently identified as the oldest jewelery is 41 pierced shells found in South Africa having perforations and wear facets associated with their port, they have been dated to 75,000 years ...

Since nothing has changed ... A country, a people, a woman, a creation ... a jewel, an important and valuable detail destinated sublim our personality, to make us feel beautiful, to protect us.

Véronique de Guardia imagine her jewelry from beads and natural stone : beautiful colors , pure shapes and noble materials, real stones that tell their story and give the constructive energy . Few bracelets and necklaces , and exclusive models are presented for you to create an unforgettable look.

MISS MAURITIUS MELODY SELVON : " ... I appreciated all these colors and natural beads. VDG creations remind me of my native island , so beautiful and full of contrasts. You can wear it with the feminine AR Resorts dresses or just with a white blouse and jeans, it gives a very nice look: modern and stylish.